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Memory Benefits of Aromatherapy for Seniors

memory benefits of aromatherapy for seniorsAromatherapy is regarded as a type of alternative therapy, which utilizes essential oils and a number of other aromatic plant properties for healing and relaxation. This treatment can be used for improving a person’s mood and their health. Studies have also shown that aromatherapy can also help seniors with a large number of discomforts and illnesses, including symptoms related to arthritis, respiratory infections, circulation, dementia and it can even help to promote the regeneration of the skin.

About essential oils

Essential oils are an inexpensive and a long-lasting product that can be found at pharmacies and health food stores. They have a number of different uses, including helping with senior’s memories.


Rosemary helps to spur feelings of contentment. It also has optimistic affects for performance and mood. It is proven to help with memory, which would benefit the seniors suffering from dementia or those who suffer from slight memory loss.


This is associated with increased cognitive performance, improved memory and feelings of contentment. It also provides a mild sedative effect. It can also reduce cortisol levels and help elderly individuals sleep better and remember things more easily.

Using aromatherapy for senior well-being

If a senior care provider believes aromatherapy would be beneficial for their senior charge or the senior themselves or his/her family has expressed interest in aromatherapy, becoming educated about the various options is essential. While aromatherapy is considered a natural treatment, it still has to be used carefully. Some tips to remember when using this include:

The benefits of memory recall and smell

There is no question that certain smells can take a person back in time and bring up feelings from the past that are often associated with a particular event. This is the same effect that certain smells and oils have for seniors, helping them to remember past times in their lives and restore forgotten memories. Oils can also help to increase concentration and creativity in seniors, as well as others, too.

It is suggested that inhaling a certain essential oil while doing something that the person wants to remember will help them recall the information when they inhale the scent at a later date. This could help seniors remember a certain date, address or other important piece of information.

Senior care providers or family care providers can easily implement aromatherapy into a senior’s day to day life, especially with oils that help promote memory. Take some time to become educated about the various oils that are available and which ones are beneficial for memory. Keep in mind, essential oil therapy is not only beneficial for the senior, but their care provider, as well.

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