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Overcoming Arguments about Senior Care

overcoming arguments about senior careAs people get older, they may have various challenges with regard to their health, physical capabilities, and even their ability to take care of themselves in a safe manner at home. This can open up a plethora of discussion points among family members who want what’s best for their aging loved ones, and it can also open up some potential arguments.

When family members are providing some type of care for the senior in their life, they may very well have the best of intentions, but what they expect or want with regard to their elderly loved one’s safety may be different than what the senior wants.  This can lead to arguments about the type of home services a person may need, whether or not the family caregiver is doing the right thing, or even about activities the senior wants to pursue that the family members are trying to discourage him or her from even considering.

Arguments happen all the time in families. The key is to get beyond them, not just by talking about the issues later on when everyone is calmer and more rational, but also by offering forgiveness.  It’s easy to say that everything is fine; however, if a person holds a grudge or animosity towards another person for something that was said or done during the heat of an argument, it’s going to make it that much more difficult to actually overcome those issues.

How to offer forgiveness.

There are many different ways people can offer forgiveness to those who hurt them, whether it was during the heat of an argument or by some other act . It’s easy to say you forgive somebody else, but in order to offer true forgiveness, the act s or things said need to be completely forgotten and let go. If they still sting, if they hurt, or they cause anger when thinking about it, then the other person cannot be truly forgiven.  The other individual doesn’t necessarily have to apologize for what he or she said or did, because forgiveness can be freely given, if that person so chooses.  It takes practice and is not an exact science for anyone, but forgiveness can improve life for the caregiver and the elderly individual tremendously.

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